High performance fitting of sports shoes

in-store and online

Right Fit for Both Feet

Feetium delivers unparalleled fit to consumers seeking high-performance sports shoes and athleisure comfort.

Feetium’s patented “Adapt to Performance” expands the range of fitting options to reach higher performance.

 “Right Fit for Both Feet” virtually eliminates compromise when it comes to performance and comfort fit.

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The shift from physical store to online

Feetium enables a smooth transition online by eliminating the uncertainty of buying the wrong shoe size

Feetium creates digital, customer centric shopping experience. Fitting becomes a simple and enjoyable visual experience. Customers create a highly accurate 3D rendering of their feet in the form of a “digital Feet-ID.” This Feet-ID remains with the customer and creates loyalty that facilitates and encourages future purchases from the same retailer, both in-store and online

During the in-store journey, customers gain confidence that the system knows their feet and what suits them.

Without being bogged down by the uncertainty of choosing the right shoe size, the customer can just focus on the look of the shoe while Feetium looks for the fit!

Physical stores give an edge to multi-channel over pure online retailer

Returns online are unaffected by whether an online retailer has physical stores or not. 

Customers can either buy athletic shoes online through, which owns 2,900 physical stores, or through, which does not own a single store. Both sites have a similar return percentage. 

The physical stores of multi-channel retailers have a minimal impact on reducing returns on the online site.

The customer’s confidence built in-store through replicates to the next online shoe purchase without having to worry about picking the wrong size.

Feetium leverages physical retail stores to reduce returns online, giving multi-channel retailers a competitive edge over pure online retailers.


To encourage customers to shop online without worrying about improper sizing, online retailers offer free returns.

However, free returns have a high environmental impact.

Feetium enables online retailers to integrate reliable and trusted shoe fittings directly into their websites, which is crucial for improving sustainability.

In addition to increasing sustainability and improving customer experience, reliable fitting online can boost sales, improve inventory management, and reduce logistics costs for retailers.

Online Advantage for Retailer

The Feetium API can be easily integrated in any online-store and will result in:

Higher sales online   low returns due to size  higher conversion rates
higher rate of returning customers    overall higher profits and    sustainability.

Multi-Channel retailers, that own both physical and online stores, become well positioned to take advantage of their physical stores over pure online retailers.