Feetium developed its proprietary technology for shoe-fitting drawing from nearly 25 years of experience in orthotics production. The patented technology was synthesized from extensive experience in the shoe-foot-fitting process and the best of breed technology. Feetium goes beyond conventional model-based shoe-size fitting. Our patented system solves the problem of fitting footwear for over 30 percent of customers whose feet are asymmetrical, helping both professional athletes and regular shoppers maximize their energy, capacity, and potential. 

The Story Behind

In the process of manufacturing orthopedic insoles and customizing them for customers, I noticed an odd phenomenon that was repeated over and over again.

A customer came in with a box of new sneakers and asked for orthopedic insoles. “I have a problem with my feet, I need an orthotic insole to stabilize them”.

My observation was that the customer had neither orthopedic issues nor any issues with their posture.

When a customer who allegedly came to solve an orthopedic problem resolved the issue with a pair of insoles, I realized that the origin of the issue lay in the shoe buying process.

Proper fitting should consider  the differences between each foot in the shoe, including volumetric fit. The solution should be easy to implement, an integrated part of the existing shoe-buying process, and of course, priced the same as an off-the-shelf product.

Samuel Bar