Feetium developed its proprietary technology for shoe-fitting drawing from nearly 25 years of experience in orthotics production. The patented technology was synthesized from extensive experience in the shoe-foot-fitting process and the best of breed technology.

Feetium goes beyond conventional model-based shoe-size fitting. Our patented system solves the problem of fitting footwear for over 30 percent of customers whose feet are asymmetrical.

Our Patented Technology

Feetium developed its patented technology offering a comprehensive approach that matches foot, shoe and Adaptive Insoles for optimal customer comfort and performance. By combining real time image processing technology, computer vision and our own proprietary algorithm, Feetium captures the customer’s feet dimensions and shape (Feet-ID) in a matter of milliseconds and matches it with the internal dimensions and shape of a shoe model (Shoe-ID). The system then suggests combination of Adaptive Insole to adjust the space in the front of the shoe for the best customized fit.

Feetium takes mass-produced, pre-sized shoes, adds affordable Adaptive Insoles and turns them into a higher level of customized shoes using its “Adapt-To-Comfort” algorithm


Founder story, where it all began…

My journey with shoes started in my parents’ store that was known for its comfortable shoes. I was exposed from an early age to the challenge of finding the right fit for each customer.

My military service in Israel’s technological intelligence unit (8200) and my degree in engineering, taught me to think out of the box and always seek solutions at the cutting-edge of engineering development.

I set up my own factory to manufacture high quality orthopedic insoles, introducing technology and advanced engineering methods into a traditional craft. In many cases, customers complained about foot pain seeking orthopedic insoles as a solution, but the client’s sense of comfort varied depending on the shoe the orthopedic insole was inserted in. This led us to understand that a more integrated solution was necessary. Feetium views the foot, the shoe, and the Adaptive Insole as a comprehensive system where each factor is decisive for comfort.