Multichannel benefits

The e-commerce revolution has devalued the centrality of physical stores, leaving multichannel chains to share the same online challenges as pure play and DTC vendors. Despite their costly upkeep, physical stores have minimal value to online sales.

Feetium’s customized fitting capabilities created in physical stores are used in multichannel online stores, giving them a competitive edge over pure play rivals.


Leverage the value of physical stores for confident purchasing online.


Feetium’s’ shoe-fitting technology leverages a one-time scan in a physical store for multiple personalized online purchases across channels.
The physical stores of mixed-chains give them an edge over pure play sites.

Higher conversion rates, less walked sales

Ensuring customized fit for each foot greatly boosts conversion rates and allows retailers to stay in-stock longer, minimizing walked sales.

Enhanced customer experience


Feetium reshapes the shopping experience. The once clumsy and time-consuming fitting process becomes a state-of-the-art experience, eliminating customer frustration.

Improved inventory

By utilizing mass-produced Adaptive Insoles, in-store inventory can be expanded into more width fitting options.

Improved on-floor sales process


A “digital display wall” shows only the styles in stock that fit a specific customer’s feet. This eliminates customer frustration and unnecessary try-ons. Sales associates only need to bring one box per model to ideally fit a customer. This translates into more time with the customer and fewer missed sales.


Asymmetrical feet affect customers regardless of where they shop. Feetium’s “Adapt To Comfort” customized fit reduces asymmetrical foot struggles, thus gaining customers’ trust and loyalty. The customized fit also serves as a competitive advantage and an anchor for consumer loyalty, as the Feet-ID remains associated with the customer for future purchases from the same retailer, both in-store and online.

Increased profits from insole sales


During a customer’s visit to purchase shoes, the sale of Adaptive Insoles is an additional profit, contributing directly to the bottom line.

Futuristic Pop-Omni shops


Feetium aims to provide more opportunities for multichannel chains to capture their customers’ Foot-ID to build a stronger online presence.

Pop-up shops located in high traffic areas will capture customers’ foot ID, allowing a seamless transition to online while retaining the benefits of physical retail at a minimal cost.


Especially those affiliated with retail stores

Boost Confidence


Once a Feet-ID has been scanned, customers can confidently select the correct shoe size of any model during online purchasing. The customer can virtually try on each selected model by switching different-sizes with reference to his/her feet, elevating the level of fit-confidence in online purchasing to that of conventional shoe stores, truly realizing the great potential of online sales.

Reduce Returns

Feetium’s high accuracy of fitting technology can greatly reduce the percentage of returned shoes due to improper shoe fitting. No need/reason to buy several sizes to measure at home to choose a comfortable fit and return other uncomfortable sizes.

Beyond variation


Regardless of shoe brand or model, the customer’s Feet-ID can be used for accurate fitting during online purchases. Once a customer has a Feet-ID, fittings can be made online, at anytime, anywhere.

Increase Profit Margins

Reduce returns + decrease reverse logistics costs + increase loyalty + raise conversion rates = lift your bottom-line.