The Right Shoe for Every Foot

Feetium offers a high level of accuracy in shoe fitting, making the transition between physical and online retail seamless and reliable, eliminating the fear of purchasing the wrong size shoe

The Feetium Solution

Feetium offers the highest level of accuracy for shoe fitting based on years of expertise and best of breed technology.

Our goal is to enable a customer-centric experience, in-store and online, through digital features such as virtual wall displays.

Our patented Customize-to-Performance fitting technology  bridges the gap of asymmetric dimensions and enables the highest level of customize fitting for demanding sport activities and enhanced athleisure comfort.

Enhancing the experience

The once clumsy and time-consuming shoe- fitting process can now become an interactive and engaging state-of-the-art experience. Our user-friendly fitting display places the customer at center-stage, where it becomes possible to create a unique buying experience.

Customized fitting

Feetium’s groundbreaking technology ensures positive customer experiences, accurate inventory and stock positioning, and better visibility into online and in-store orders. With this technology, you can modernize your operations, reduce unnecessary inventory and markdowns, reduce returns and customer churn and improve overall profit margins.

The edge you need over pure online retailers

For a customer buying shoes online today, it makes no difference whether it is through a multi-chain retailer such as Footlocker owned 2,900 physical stores or through ZAPPOS without a single physical store. A physical store does not give an advantage to online shopping.

Feetium gives the multi-channel a competitive edge over pure play rivals by enabling them to “know their customer’s foot”, allowing the customer high confidence to buy suitable shoes

Taking sporting shoe performance to the next level

Whether you are an athlete or a working mom, you need to perform at your best, every day. Fit is the primary reason behind why a consumer returns their footwear, and accurate shoe fitting can reduce these mismatches and improve performance.

By obtaining a superior fit, you could be reducing injury risk, cutting faster, or riding with less stress on your feet. Multiple studies show that optimally fitting footwear significantly impacts performance through altering athlete biomechanics.

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